Become A Certified Ludosport Instructor

The License to teach Sporting Light Saber Combat is appointed from Society of LudoSport Masters to selected people. Teaching is allowed only within the authorized Academies worldwide.


Teachers of Light Saber Combat can be Masters or Instructors.

Founder Masters are the creators of the discipline. They can lead each and every class.

Style Masters have a deeper knowledge in the single combat Form they are graduated, in which they hold the same authority of a Founder Master. Their title must be yearly renewed through dedicated refresher courses.
Instructors have a wider knowledge in teaching combat Forms, progressively collected through qualifications.

A level 1 implies knowledge on Form 1, a level 2 means knowledge on both Form I and II, and so forth.

Their qualification must be yearly renewed through dedicated refresher courses.

Becoming An Instructor

Instructors are the front line of LudoSport International.
Instructor Requirements:
They know how techniques need to be correctly performed, and how pupils can learn them in the easiest way possible.

They need to be real trainers, able to understand each one’s qualities and motivations to bring pupils to their limit and pushing them to exceed it.

Instructors are mainly prepared to take the corresponding exam for Qualification at the International School.

Instructors can teach only within affiliated Academies worldwide.

Even if their qualification doesn’t authorize them to create one, by all means they can team up with local entrepreneurs to achieve such a goal.

Instructors have a worldwide jurisdiction, and they can exercise wherever their service is required.
Become qualified to teach the First Form of Light Saber Combat. Launch your career as a qualified Level 1 Instructor. Choose the "Path" you will travel and the color of your own saber.

Start a New And Exciting Career as you hold Ordinary Courses, Preparatory Courses, Introduction Courses, Special Classes, Private Lessons and Style Exams for the First Form.

Since 2007, the Society of LudoSport Masters provides quality education on saber combat form techniques and the required teaching skills to prepare candidates for the proficiency exam necessary to obtain the certificate.

A successful exam ( ...passing grade not guaranteed) qualifies the participant as instructor authorized to teach SLM original saber combat sport form in any LudoSport International authorized Academy worldwide.


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