Become A Certified Instructor For LudoSport Hampton Roads

Since 2007, the Society of LudoSport Masters provides quality education on saber combat form techniques and the required teaching skills to prepare candidates for the proficiency exam necessary to obtain the certificate.

A successful exam (passing grade not guaranteed) qualifies the participant as instructor authorized to teach SLM original saber combat sport form in any LudoSport International authorized Academy worldwide.

Our goal is to create competent instructors capable of properly conveying to student athletes the technical elements and techniques accumulated over 10 years of practical experience of running multiple classes per week. The LudoSport Masters wish to pass on this heritage, enriching it year after year with new ideas derived from constant daily practice in LudoSport Academies.

LudoSport Masters distinguish individual competitive performance from the instructor-level skills needed to teach to LudoSport members. An instructor must be able to devote attention to all student athletes of a class, as well as know how to observe and analyze each, in order to make necessary corrections. Like an orchestra conductor, the instructor must be conditioned to direct the class with authority and expertise while maintaining a soothing atmosphere that is fully respectful of Se.Cu.Ri.
Unlike other forms of fitness or entertainment activities requiring occasional practice, LudoSport works along a progressive educational path. Student athletes can enrich their progress either through competitive commitment, or by finding satisfaction within the pure technique and execution of each action. Instructors need to infuse each class with a balance of athletic preparation, technical demonstration, and fun moments to pursue specific objectives. This is done to prepare a student to test their knowledge at year-end when the student athletes will experience exams or during official competitions.

We aspire to teach student athletes a combat sport for competition, not for harm. It is inspired by principles and informed by rules designed and performed in the spirit of Olympic ideals. LudoSport structures teaching as a progression of physical effort and technical complexity along a gradual path that allows ease of learning for anyone. Bearing this in mind, we require time and concentration of our instructors to maintain a high standard in our teaching methodology.


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