LudoSport International Lightsaber Combat Academy

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A true sport, with rules and standards, in which men and women can fight each other freely and safely.

A codified system of seven forms of combat, each one complete and effective itself, while fully consistent with the others.

A “common language” to let everyone compete in duels and tournaments.

All the above, with a light saber!


The adventure began in 2006 in Milan, Italy, when Simone Spreafico , Gianluca Longo and Fabio Monticelli created the first LudoSport Academy, a place where the first pupils began to practice the original techniques designed to fit a “real” combat with a light saber.

The starting point for this work was the instrument used: a sword with a weightless blade, a 360° edge that cuts everything except itself. A sword with the weight balanced in a different way from any other (all in the hilt) and no possibility for protecting the hands (no tsuba, hilt-guard, sword-guard, quillons…)

Attention was then turned to the various combat philosophies described in literature about the lightsaber, which identified the possible sources to be used for creating original techniques.

A martial art?

Light Saber Combat is a brand new discipline of combat, altough in a sporting way.

It can be called “martial art” just in its etymological meaning of “art of Mars (the roman god of war)”.

The inspirations of this discipline were the most various and different. The three Founder Masters of LudoSport had experience in different sports, martial arts and fencing. They could each use their knowledge in different ways: Aikido, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Kempo Karate, Savate, Medieval Fencing etc. But that was not enough.

Simone, Gianluca and Fabio began to consult various western and oriental fencing masters, looking for the elements that they could use for the creation of a totally new technique. The only reference point they had were pictures and words used in movies, novels and stories that described the Seven Combat Styles in the Star Wars™ Universe.

With just these few ideas in hand, they created a new, original sport, with techniques that were perfectly aligned with the literary and cinema sources.

Sporting Light Saber Combat does not derive from any other combat art in any way. This is because the various sports that inspired Light Saber Combat have not been used to supply single movements or techniques, but solely aspects that could be adapted to the instrument that this sport uses.

An inspiration to one or other “historical” combat sports can indeed be “felt” but the practical interpretation is always different.

Se.Cu.Ri. – The ground rule

Sporting Light Saber Combat has been created and is daily promoted in observance of the principles of loyalty, discipline, fair play, respect, passion and sense of aggregation that characterize the sport as part of the modern Olympic ideal. On this matter, it defines the Se.Cu.Ri. (Servizio, Cura, Rispetto, or rather Service, Care, Respect) as its central rule.

Service is intended as the willingness of each pupil to support each of his/her fellow pupils along the path of technical improvement, through constant, active encouragement to reach their own limits and try to exceed them.

Care comes through control, practiced in techniques and in the general attention to their fellow pupils’ safety.

Respect comes from awareness of oneself, one’s own limits and strong points and leads to a correct way of relating with others in the awareness of not having to underestimate anyone, whatever their level or experience. This way, each fight becomes a moment of growth, for everyone.

While Service is reserved for those realms that are not directly competitive, Care and Respect are to be considered as essential for any situation linked to practicing the sport.

LudoSport: origin of a name

The Light Saber Combat Simone, Gianluca and Fabio had in mind was a mix of sport and entertainment. Thus, when they thought about a name to call it, “LudoSport” came naturally out.

“Ludo-” (from latin “Ludus” which means “play, game”) was the perfect match for the word “sport”.

LudoSport is enjoyment within a sport environment, promoting social relations and the sense of belonging to a group. It teaches respect and knowledge of one’s own body, and develops imagination, elegance and reflexes.

LudoSport thus became the name to identify every School in which this new sport was practiced.

Pupils find the same environment in each School, where each person has his own space for improving his technique without ever having to give up on enjoyment and imagination.


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