Competitive Sporting Lightsaber Combat Class (8 Session Bundle)


Each Warrior is required to train in two classes per week.
Each Warrior is required to purchase their own Saber and additional equipment.
Each Warrior is required to duel within the guideline of the quidelines.
Each Warrior is required to travel and compete in LudoSport sanctioned tournaments, competitions and events.

Standard Sporting Light Saber Combat is practiced within the LudoSpoprt Hampton Roads Academy, which also host classes and other activities in different venues called Schools.

Inside each School are created Clans: groups of pupils on a learning path, guided by a Teacher (Master or Instructor).

Held twice (2x) weekly, Competitive Classes develop the general learning path of pupils from the rank of Youngling to Master.

Each lesson is divided into three stages: warm-up, teaching, combat.

$150.00 / month